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Searchable KOREAN News Archives:
미디어 가온 mediaGAON (most extensive
   resources, search includes KINDS news-

   paper archives); use its English website
   for searches in English news publications
Naver News Library (searchable, 1920-99:
   Tonga ilbo, Kyŏnghyang sinmun,
   Maeil kyŏngje sinmun, and Han'gyŏre
Korean Newspapers (1905-end of 1945)
Korean Newspapers (1883-1963):
   (a) Search, (b) paper & date (c) time table
Korean Newspapers (1960-1989)
뉴스뱅크이미지 (four million photos)

Searchable GLOBAL News Archives: 
Google News Archive (over 2,000 scanned
   newspapers, gazettes, etc., from the 18th
   century to 2009)

Google News Search (covering the past 10
Historical Newspapers (M.J. Robbins)
Newspaper Archive (commercial, by
   subscriptionnot for Korea though)

Korean News Media (extensive list of links)

Japanese & Korean & Taiwanese Papers:
Kobe U Library, Newspapers (1911-45)
The Japan Times and its archives, 1997-
朝日新聞 [Asahi shimbun], also in English
毎日新聞 [Mainichi shimbun] and its huge
  Photo Bank, incl. 120,000+ pre-1945 photos

SOUTH Korean Newspapers:

한국일보 and its U.S. editions
중앙일보 and its U.S. eds. and Search

조선일보 and its archives, 1920-present
동아일보 and its archives, 1920-99

한겨레 and its English edition


오마이뉴스 and OhmyNews (Engl.)
  ↳ English Archives, 2004-10
연합뉴스 and Yonhap News (Engl.)
The Korea Herald and  its archives
The Korea Times and  its archives
asiancorrespondent (news translations)

SOUTH Korean TV/Radio Stations: 
• Online TV: List #1 , List #2 (direct lks.)
• Online Radio: List#1, List #2 (direct lk.)
KBS 24 News (KBS TV news channel)
Korean Newspapers in China:

연변일보 (Yanji)
길림신문 (Changchun)
NORTH Korean News, TV, Radio: 
로동신문 [1] & [2]; Engl. ed.조선신보
조선중앙통신 (KCNA #1) ➔ Engl. Search
조선통신 / Korean News (KCNA #2)
조선중앙텔레비보도 (recorded TV news)
조선의 소리 (recorded radio broadcasts)


Latest Headline News:


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